CopterShop offers a wide range of Remote Control Copters, upgrades and spares related items including: Quadcopters, Hexacopters, Nanocopters, Microcopters and Drones. All of our Remote Control Copter products come with a full manufacturer’s warranty – no grey imports.


Coptershop boasts a large selection of Remote Control Copter equipment from leading Manufacturers & Distributors such as: DJI, Blade, Parrot, WLToys, and Ardudopter, to name a few. We also pride ourselves on being one of the only Online Remote Control Copter Shops in South Africa to have a fully secured online payment system. We also offer a free delivery on Copters, and a R99 Flat Rate Delivery Fee on all other items (excludes optional insurance). Remote Control Copter orders can also be collected from our Remote Control Shop Office in Pretoria. If there is any item you require that is not mentioned, or if you want to order gear in bulk please call 082 301 7493 or e-mail sales@coptershop.co.za.